Culture-driven strategy,
brand & innovation

Culturesmith is a design company passionate about transforming organisations. We design culture and leadership, at the intersection of strategy, brand and innovation.

By designing and activating these elements in unison, we help leaders create purposeful organisations that enable superior performance, reputation and future growth opportunities.

We are different from other consulting firms in three ways:

  • 1

    We are a diverse team of executives, all having spent significant time leading transformation from within large organisations. So, we understand how change really happens, beyond the PowerPoint deck!

  • 2

    Our core team know their stuff, but the real value is in our extended network. Over our many years as business leaders, we’ve come to know the best expertise in the market, and we partner with them to ensure our client gets the best support available; not just the best of us at Culturesmith.

  • 3

    At our heart we are designers. We understand that context is everything and so we look at every new opportunity through fresh eyes, because we know that one size fits one!

Our Services

  • Culture Design

    We help leaders and their organisations design and activate a culture change movement, founded on human purpose, and in service of high performance, reputation and growth.

  • Courageous Leadership

    We help develop courageous leadership for the future of work, and accelerate leadership capabilities through real work in real time. We believe in a new kind of leadership that helps organisations, teams and individuals thrive in uncertain times.

  • Strategy Disruption

    We help organisations to “in-source” strategy development by enabling leaders to listen at the periphery, read signals, and taking action to disrupt themselves, as part of modern strategic leadership.

  • Brand by Culture

    We help organisations build brands through culture for a world where transparency, authenticity and experience matters most. Today brands are created by what customers, communities and employees say about you, not by what you say about yourself.

  • CEO Succession & Talent

    We partner with Boards, CEOs and CPOs to prepare for succession and accelerate the development of top talent. And we bring deep experience designing the internal conditions for success for new CEOs and executives.

  • Innovation Acceleration

    We help organisations to “in-source” innovation though incubation, experimentation and commercialisation of future growth opportunities. Whether seeking incremental or disruptive innovation, we help organisations leverage their assets to build new capabilities for future growth.

  • Organisational Design & Alignment

    Successful transformation requires the alignment of strategy, brand and culture, with the organisation’s innovation and performance goals. We help organisations to bring coherence to their transformation story and activities through thoughtful design and practical execution support.

  • High Performance Team Design

    We help talented individuals to become strong teams, that leverage diversity, manage friction, continuously adapt and achieve aligned high performance.

  • Executive Coaching

    We are experienced executives and coaches, and we’re passionate about helping other executives to be their best. We draw on deep expertise in behavioural science and rich experience in large organisations to help our coaching clients achieve meaningful behaviour change.

Culturesmith People

We bring together a diverse crew
of professionals, such as:

  • Sean Carroll

    Sean Carroll specialises in working with companies, teams and leaders to accelerate their performance and strengthen their brand and culture. He brings a rare combination of strategic thinking, commercial acumen and a deep understanding of high performance psychology through his experience as a business leader and as an organisational psychologist.

    Sean has a strong passion in the areas of culture, leadership and high performing teams. He has designed and delivered numerous leadership and team development programs, and has unique experience in building innovation culture and capability within large organisations.

    Before Culturesmith, Sean was the General Manager of People, Culture & Innovation at Australia Post for seven years, where he successfully led the culture transformation of the iconic Australian brand. Leading a team of up to 180 people, Sean was accountable to the CEO and board for leading all aspects of Australia Post’s leadership, talent, learning, diversity, performance, and remuneration agendas, as the company underwent fundamental reinvention. In his last two years, Sean was also instrumental in designing and activating Australia Post’s innovation strategy, which resulted in the creation of several new lines of business and revenue streams for the company.

    Prior to joining Australia Post, Sean held various senior leadership positions at National Australia Bank over a five-year period, including accountability for the bank’s leadership, talent and capability agenda, and played a key role in establishing the NAB Academy. Prior to working at NAB, Sean worked for five years with SHL Group, a global talent and psychometric consulting firm.

    Sean has a Masters of Organisational Psychology and a Bachelor of Commerce and Arts from Monash University. His research on leadership has been published in international psychology journals. In addition to this, Sean has attended various Business Schools in the U.S, including MIT and the University of North Carolina, where he has been actively developing his insights and practice in the area of strategy, culture and high performance.

    Sean is a graduate of the Australia Institute of Company Directors, and is currently a Non-Executive Director on the Board of the APS Benefits Group Ltd, a professional and financial services organisation. Sean is also a sub-committee member at Reach Foundation, a charity organisation helping develop youth leaders across Australia.

  • Colin Pidd

    Colin Pidd works all over the world with some of the planet’s most iconic companies and leaders – public and private, large and small. He has worked with leaders and teams in unusual places such as a Castle in Transylvania and on the Great Wall of China.

    He is committed to global action and has facilitated many international conferences in health, education, and media…and beyond. He is equally adept and comfortable working with very small groups or facilitating large-scale events.

    Colin is a natural story-teller. In his specialty areas of organisation collaboration, cultural and strategy development, leadership conversations and influencing strategies he uses story as the constant medium. He deeply understands and has researched the very core of what causes motivation that leads to effective leadership and collaboration.

    He also leads workshops and coaches leaders in the art of story-telling His background and success in script writing for television and radio has proven an invaluable grounding for this work.

    Colin isn’t simply an experienced consultant and deep thinker. He has also been a senior executive in both the public (Education and Broadcasting) and private sectors (Retailing and Finance).

    He is particularly interested in Whole System Change and Whole System Leadership. Not only has he worked with some of the worlds iconic brands around all-stakeholder consultation, he has worked to transform whole countries – for example he worked with a European based colleague to redesign and transform the whole of Romanian Broadcasting. He has worked in South Africa on the design and facilitation of a massive search conference to increase collaboration between African countries around issues of girl-child safety and gender equity. In recent years he has worked in Afghanistan to design NGO exit strategies. He is profoundly adept at a range of “whole system” conversations and consultation methods including Search Conferences and Open Space.

    Colin works as part of the Culturesmith community, in addition to his ongoing work with Conversant. His many clients include: Apple, NAB, McDonalds, Erriccson, Ogilvy Mather, Australia Post, the ABC, NRMA, Agilent Technologies, NAB, BNZ, HP, GlaxoSmithKline, Telstra, St Vincent’s Health Service and a range of other complex health services, Nederland World Service, ANZ, International Principals Confederation, Coca-Cola, many government departments and universities, various City Councils, Pumpkin Patch, IAG and Brady Corp, Fonterra, Tourism NZ and more.

    He was also an award-winning broadcaster who created the ABC series "Managing Matters" and the "Business Report". As a consequence he has had the opportunity visit many of Australia's winning organisations and interview some of the world's leading managers, management theorists and leaders.

  • Agi Luczak

    Agi is passionate about designing strategy, which causes action and meaningful outcomes for people, customers and communities. She holds extensive experience in designing, facilitating and executing growth strategy and has done so across the financial services, eCommerce, digital services, facilities management logistics and higher education sectors.

    Agi is a natural simplifier, specialising in the use of visual communication, which she has employed throughout her executive management roles at Spotless Group and Australia Post where she held General Manager positions in strategy, business development and transformation. Prior to this Agi worked with Right Lane Consulting specialising in strategy facilitation and the University of Melbourne across a range of marketing and communication roles.

    Agi holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) (Hons) / Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne and a Master of Business Administration from the Melbourne Business School.

  • Xisca Mairata

    Xisca is a designer who lives in the digital world. She thinks the future is a bright and fascinating place. She finds great joy in making things and exploring how people use them.

    She holds a Bachelor of Design, Industrial Design with First Class honours in Interaction Design from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Xisca works as part of the Culturesmith community, in addition to her work with Conversant as their Global Digital Lead, Experience Designer and Facilitator.

    Prior to that, Xisca has worked across graphic, furniture, system and interaction design, and in project management positions. She also holds a teaching position at RMIT in the school of Architecture and Design, teaching design thinking and 3D printing skills to students from across the University.

    Xisca has served for the past 7 years on the Design Institute of Australia’s Victoria Tasmania Council, variously representing emerging designer, Experience Designers and design leaders.

    Her Spanish heritage affords her a fluency in Spanish and Catalan, and a keen interest in the languages of the world. She hopes this will be an on-going list, in order to be able to hold valuable conversations with the people she meets on her travels, and in the work she does with clients around the globe.